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Sponsor Gifts


Tournament Promotions has unique Sponsor and Team Gift Programs!

Some of our most popular items for sponsor, VIP, team, or player prizes and gifts include:
- Our Framed "Famous Golf Courses" and Framed "PGA Tour Players" Collages complete with engraved personalized plates attached to each piece. 
- Crystal Awards
- Custom Golf Cart Banners
- Sponsor and Charity Logos and Ads On Custom Printed Flags
- Winners Choice Certificates
Player get to choose their chooses of up to 12 items, items include golf items, jewelry, trips, and many more. We have Winners Choice certificates for every budget, ranging from $25 to $225. Call for details.
- Sponsor or VIP Apparel Program
VIP or Sponsors choose from four levels of Cutter & Buck or Foot-Joy merchandise, this program really produces the "Wow" effect. Call for details on this unique program
And MUCH more!


img_1432             Custom Flag 2    Custom Flag 3

Add Sponsor Cup Discs to Your Next Flag Order for Only $10!!!

cup discs 

New creative way to showcase your sponsor!

Great new sponsorship opportunity.These discs go in the bottom of the cup and don't effect the flag post. Full color UV Printed on a 1/4" PVC (plastic) material. No design or set up fees. Fits in all standard size cups.

Not Doing Flags? Cups are Only $20! 



Golf Cart Banner

Made of Neoprene fabric with easy, Hook-and-Loop fastners!

Banner size is 43 in (W) x 7 in (H)



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