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Auction Program FAQs

What sets Tournament Promotions above the competition?

1. Organizations holding auctions always deal with one of the principals of our company.

2. Tournament Promotions has a huge selection of auction items, many exclusive to our company including exclusive celebrity autographed items, travel packages, and other unique items that you will not find anywhere else.

3. Tournament Promotions has been in the business of helping organizations with their auction and fundraising needs with the expertise that comes from being in business since 1989.

4. Tournament Promotions wants your event to succeed and grow and as a result we strive to help you in anyway possible to make sure you receive the best customer service and the most exciting and newest auction items for your event.

5. We personally work as a part of many organizations throughout the year including the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic which utilizes all of our auction products and is televised each year on ESPN.

How much lead time do you need to provide items for our auction?

While we certainly recommend giving as much advance notice as possible, many times we can help you with your event at the very last minute to provide an auction package for you. A few items may be based on availability, due to commitments to other previously scheduled events, or are extremely limited in nature, which is why we do ask you for as much lead time as possible to make sure you have the best selection of items for your event and so you can reserve limited availability auction items exclusively for your event.

How does consignment work and what are the advantages over using donated items?

There is no upfront cost or risk to you when providing one of our auction items to your attendees. The cost of the item is provided for you and any funds that are bid above the cost of the item are yours to keep. Simply return any unsold items back to us and pay only for the ones that are sold. The advantages of using our consignment auction items are that you can use them with your donated items or use them exclusively to save both your time spent contacting many potential donors for a few items that may not contribute that much revenue to your auction and your efforts spent calling upon the corresponding goodwill of potential donors and supporters. It is our experience you will add much greater value and excitement using our auction package as a stand alone auction or combined with your donated items than you could provide using donated items alone. The result of using the Tournament Promotions Auction package as a stand alone auction or in combination with donated items is greater revenues for your auction and less time and hard work for you.

Can I use your auction package in a live or silent auction?

Yes many organizations have used our auction items at both live and silent auctions with great success. The method of auction is up to you, but either way you only pay the cost of the items which sell and simply return any unsold items to us. It's convenient and easy to raise more funds with your auction using the exciting Tournament Promotions Auction Package.

I would like to learn more about offering the Tournament Promotions Auction Package at my next auction or event how can I learn more?

Give Tournament Promotions a call today toll free at 1-800-824-8113 and we will be happy to answer your questions and help design an auction package just for you that will help make your auction even more of an amazing success!


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