A New Contest That Gives Someone Two Chances To Win! Attendees may win a small prize by guessing the speed of their first pitch, the closest guess every hour or two wins a small prize. Another way they can win is by getting at least one pitch threw the template, that attendee will receive a ticket to be drawn at the end of the show. The lucky ticket holder will get three throws from 60ft 6in. (standard length of home plate to pitchers mound) through a 15 inch template. If all three throws go through the template, that person would win the big prize. A consolation prize will be given, if any of the throws are missed.

You may offer multiple attempts for a smaller prize every couple hours or award cash, truck etc. for the big prize. We can give smaller prizes from a shorter distance for instance each attendee is given three pitches from about 30 ft. the more times the baseball goes through the template the more prizes that person would win. We can customize any contest there is another contest format which involves qualifying and a Pitch-Off to determine the person who will pitch for the Grand Prize.